Heraldi Loyalty program

Rules of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB loyalty programme

1. Diversus res d.o.o., Frankopanska 6, Zagreb, is the issuer of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB card which remains in its ownership. Diversus res d.o.o. reserves the right to withdraw the card from circulation at any time and without prior notice, and to change or completely cancel any elements of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme.

2. The owner of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB card can be any natural person of legal age who fills in the HERALDI loyalty application form with accurate information at a HERALDI point of sale, or via the web application form. Joining the programme is free.

3. The HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB card is not transferrable and can only be used by its owner. The HERALDI loyalty card cannot be used as a means of payment.

4. Points that allow for permanent discounts and the use thereof can be earned exclusively at HERALDI points of sale in the Republic of Croatia and through the heraldi.hr webshop if Diversus res d.o.o. decides to apply the loyalty programme to that channel, as well.

5. By joining the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme, the member starts collecting points. 

6. Members of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme earn points according to the model 1 spent kuna = 1 point, for all payment methods.
The highest possible discount that can be achieved by membership in the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme during the year is 20%.

points discount class groups
0-4999 0% 1 Heraldi
5000-14999 5% 2 VIP5
15000-49999 10% 3 VIP10
50000+ 15% 4 VIP15

Depending on the number of collected points, members of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme can progress to a higher class. As soon as a member collects a sufficient number of points, the member is entitled to a discount of that class until the end of the current year of membership, as well as to the right to at least the same discount during the next year of membership. Transition to a higher class is calculated quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the decision of Diversus res d.o.o. for each business year. 
All earned points are added up to the end of the calculation period, which lasts from the moment of joining until the end of the calendar year. At the end of that period, the member receives an initial discount for the next calculation period (calendar year) in the amount of the discount class in which they were placed based on all points from the previous period.
If, during the following calculation period, a member makes a purchase in an amount sufficient to promote them to a higher class, the discount shall be automatically increased to correspond to the discount of the class that they were promoted to.
At the end of the next calculation period, the member will receive a discount for the following year based on purchases made during that calculation period.

7. After a period of one year, membership in the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme is automatically renewed and lasts until revoked by either party.

8. Points are also collected for purchases during discounts, promotions and seasonal discounts.

9. The discount received as part of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme can be used for the entire HERALDI range, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Discounts are not cumulative during promotions and discounts, but Loyalty points are still earned.

10. Members can check the number of points they have earned at HERALDI points of sale and online, or by sending an e-mail to: heraldi@heraldi.hr.

11. In case of loss or theft of the HERALDI LOYALTY card, the member is obliged to report the disappearance of the card by phone and / or by e-mail. The member will be given a new card to which all points earned so far will be transferred. The member is obliged to report in writing any change in personal data. 

12. By signing the application form, the signatory becomes a full member of the HERALDI LOYALTY CLUB programme, unconditionally agrees to all terms and conditions and rules and agrees to receive promotional and information materials concerning HERALDI and its business partners.

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