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Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully before using the www.heraldi.hr website in any way.

The services of the webshop of the company Diversus res doo www.heraldi.hr can be used seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can become a Customer if you are of legal age (over the age of 18) and if you accept our Terms and Conditions of Use, General Terms and Conditions of Business and Terms and Conditions of Purchase listed here, which are available for review immediately before your order is finalised.

A Customer is any person who electronically orders a product.

The Customer is any legal or natural person who orders a product (s) by accepting the preliminary invoice issued to them in electronic or written form, and makes payment in the full amount required of them in the preliminary invoice.

The Customer is not a person who only requests a non-binding offer via the www.heraldi.hr website.

The prices listed in the webshop are retail prices and are expressed in Croatian currency, in HRK.

The purchase process needs to be finalised.

By ordering a product from the www.heraldi.hr webshop, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Purchase declared by the webshop.

The company Diversus res d.o.o. undertakes to operate in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Diversus res d.o.o. reserves the right not to charge for and deliver the product to the Customer if the credit / debit card is invalid or cannot be authorised.

Diversus res d.o.o. reserves the right not to charge for and deliver the product to the Customer if there is a suspicion of fraud and notifies the Customer of this by e-mail or telephone.

Diversus res d.o.o. reserves the right not to charge for and deliver the product to the Customer if it is not possible to contact the Customer.

Diversus res d.o.o. reserves the right not to charge for and deliver the product to the Customer if the address is non-existent or the product cannot be delivered to that address on the basis of the provided information.

Diversus res d.o.o. is not liable for any damage caused by non-execution of the order.

In case Diversus res d.o.o. is not able to deliver the selected product because we do not currently have the product in stock or can no longer order it from the supplier, we are obliged to notify the Customer of this in writing, and the Customer can then decide:

  • whether they want to cancel the order, in case of which payment or delivery will not be executed;
  • accept a new delivery time, providing we are able to order the product from the supplier, after which we will inform the Customer about the expected delivery time;
  • if we are unable to order an identical product from the supplier under identical conditions, then we can offer the Customer a replacement product with similar characteristics, at the same price that applied to the original product at the time of order.

The official language of communication at www.heraldi.hr is standard Croatian.


Prices are listed in Croatian kuna (HRK) and are inclusive of VAT.

Prices are determined for each product individually. The process of entering the price on the page for each product is subject to control at several levels, nevertheless, the possibility of mistakes by way of human error exists. Due to the nature of the process, price input cannot be automated.

Such situations are extraordinary and Diversus res d.o.o. apologises to their Customers in advance because they will be forced to inform them about the situation, the wrong price for a particular product and the impossibility of performing delivery as per a specific Customer order.


The company Diversus res d.o.o. will periodically, at its own discretion, put certain products on sale.

These products will be available under the same conditions to all Customers or will be available to Customers of a specific, precisely specified group. The conditions of the sale will be described in detail, in particular the duration of the sale, the limitation of the quantities of goods, the amount of the discount, etc.

After the expiration of the sale, the company Diversus res d.o.o. will not accept new orders under the conditions related to the expired promotional sale.

Due to the large number of orders placed at the same time at the Heraldi webshop, it may happen that the information on product availability does not fully comply with situation in the warehouse of Diversus res d.o.o. Such situations are extraordinary and do not last long.

The company Diversus res d.o.o. will take all necessary measures and engage all possible resources in order to deliver the ordered product within a reasonable time. In the event that Diversus res d.o.o. does not have the ordered product available, you will be informed about this by e-mail (sent to the address specified as a contact e-mail) and offered the option of purchasing any other product from the Heraldi webshop that is available for delivery, and which features characteristics closest to the product that cannot be delivered. Diversus res d.o.o. disclaims liability for the consequences of the described situation.

Your order will be considered confirmed and valid only when an invoice has been created.

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