Canali has been a paradigm of tailor-made Italian luxury and men’s elegance for more than 85 years. Since 1934, it has been promoting the values of Made in Italy excellence through its artisanal know-how, creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of elements that blends culture and history with style and taste.

A family-run company now in its third generation, Canali is a modern-day design and manufacturing group with its own 5 production centers all located in Italy and more than 1500 employees worldwide, among which 950 in manufacturing area. In addition to its 190 boutiques, a number that continues to grow, the brand can also be found in over 1000 retail stores in more than 100 countries across the globe.

"Good manners and kindness are two words that occupy a special place in Canali’s history. They have always reflected an essential trait of our family, an unostentatious way of showing interest and passion for what we do and the story we tell."

 Stefano Canali, President & CEO​

Canali manufacturing is a quality landmark worldwide by keeping the best out of its 100% Italian traditional know how, well integrated into a state of art production system. Canali manufacturing is well proud of each highly skilled person working in our premises, and daily transforming 2-dimension cloth parts into 3-dimension sartorial elegance masterpieces, shaped around our customer’s body. ​

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