Herno is an Italian fashion company founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Marenzi in Lesa, in the province of Novara, on the banks of the Erno river from which it takes its name. Initially specialized in the production of men's raincoats, over the years Herno has become a Made in Italy excellence known for its iconic outerwear and for a production that today includes complete clothing.


The foundation of Herno dates back to 1948 on the initiative of Giuseppe Marenzi, originally from Bergamo. Having moved to Lesa, Marenzi started the production of men's raincoats in an old factory on the Erno river. By 1969 the company had established itself as a large factory specializing in high-quality outerwear, made with Italian materials and artisanal finishes.

In the 1980s Herno achieved popularity in foreign markets, first in Japan and then in the United States. In this period he produced on behalf of third parties for important international brands. At the beginning of the 2000s, with the arrival of Claudio Marenzi, the founder's son, as president, the company returned to focusing on its own brand, strengthening exports and internalising the management of the entire production chain. In 2011, on the occasion of the 80th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, Herno was awarded as the best Italian business reality. Today Herno distributes its collections in single-brand boutiques in the main fashion capitals and through corners and shop-in-shops in department stores around the world.

For us working in fashion and luxury goods, MAKING is everything. Coming up with and creating that second skin for people to wear. Doing it in the best way, with taste, understanding and skill. Identifying and reading into the needs and wants of the moment, and even predicting them at times.

It’s a difficult challenge that we respond to in the Italian way, so that our way of making things, where innovation, increased traceability and complete transparency are key, is recognisable worldwide. The world is changing. And probably for the better. We have the considerable responsibility of preserving what makes us unique and staying true to ourselves, while never resting on our laurels.  Making something in Italy, and for Italy, is a true honour.


The value and excellence of products Made in Italy depend on quality choices being made long before production begins. At Herno, these aspects hinge on the work of an in-house team: around 100 people including stylists, tailors, models and vendors. Many of them started at a very young age and some, luckily for us, have been here for decades cutting and sewing, passing down skills and expertise to younger generations and reinforcing the secrets of the Italian tradition we continue to preserve alongside the determination and dedication to do things well the Italian way.

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