Jacob Cohën


Everything started with a dream realized by the creative genius of Nicola Bardelle in the early 2000s, is now carried forward today by the creative direction of his wife Jennifer.

Originally designed as denim collection made in Italy where the most pop fabric in history for the first time was proposed as status symbol, thus anticipating the concept of casual look that would soon become a must, Jacob Cohën has always combined continuous stylistic research and skillful artisanal expertise, exclusive quality and excellent comfort. Today the brand is the reference point of a daily luxury intended as a way of thinking, living, dressing. Luxury denim, which means luxury lifestyle.

From the timeless five pockets, the denim cropped and the truckers, Jacob Cohën’s aesthetics is characterized by the almost obsessive attention to details including jewel buttons, iconic salpe and sartorial finishes carefully fine-tuned by the company’s artisan workshop. The search for the highest quality raw materials, including the best selvedge fabrics and the precious japanese denim, is still the driving force of the brand, which over the years has applied its luxury attitude to the creation of total look for women and men.

Garments at the same time refined and comfortable, to wear and reinterpret on every occasion, playing with your wardrobe in the timeless perspective of a fashion that wants to express its value in an exclusive and casual way, season by season.

The man and the woman Jacob Cohën live the contemporary search for what together casual and glamorous, new but already classy, distinctive and out of the usual target.

Denim comes out of the old categories and becomes a real passepartout for all that is elegance and comfort.

A denim always renewed, also thanks to the combination with the other items of the total look Jacob Cohën, for the creation of sophisticated looks and a new concept of workwear, never giving up on the impeccable fit of tailoring, the excellence of raw materials, the profound study of colour and the differentiating details.

Thanks to a creative direction committed to carrying on the dream of nicola and with the contribution of a style team capable of declining the brand DNA through the constant search for innovation in details and raw materials, every single item Jacob Cohën has been thought of, designed and made to be always recognizable.

Denim research continues with excellence, with constant focus on the design of each series and through the usual creation of the highly anticipated seasonal limited edition.

In addition to this there are two new collections, tailoring for men and couture for women, in which the selection of fabrics, the finishing set and the construction of garments are brought to an even more exclusive level.

Today Jacob Cohën extends his luxury lifestyle philosophy also through a home line of ambient fragrances, a junior collection and the first collection of footwear conceived in the direction of the completion of the men’s and women’s look.

From the presence in top boutiques all over the world to the ambitious new horizons for the expansion of single-brand distribution, the brand continues to spread that symbolic indigo blue thread that has always woven dreams and resolutions from the beginning, turning ideas into clothes to be touched with your hand.

A spiritual and refined blue, but at the same time bright, dynamic and constantly evolving.

A unique and always recognizable blue. Just like Nicola Bardelle, with his unforgettable joie de vivre and that statement go to bed with a dream, wake up with a purpose that continues to inspire the present and the future of Jacob Cohën.

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