Galvan London


Galvan was founded in 2014 for women by women. They came together over a desire to create timeless, modern pieces that empower. Intrinsic to the brand is a sense of appreciation for the dualities of life. That she can be soft and strong, simple and dimensional, vulnerable and protected.

Today, Galvan remains remarkably true to its founding sensibilities. The pieces are seemingly effortless and always luxurious. With each new collection we are revisionists, looking back and remaking, at the same time. This is how we achieve the perfect combination of modern and timeless, inventive and enduring.

Initially an eveningwear brand, Galvan has since expanded to offer complete ready-to-wear lines that can be worn for any occasion, any time of day. From iconic formal pieces to everyday heroes, our innately effortless style now extends to all parts of a polished wardrobe.

To galvanize is to reinforce and Galvan strengthens womenswear through structured silhouettes and fabric innovation. This finishing process is symbolic of Galvan’s transformative appeal. Wearing Galvan, she always feels empowered and confident, inside and out.

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